At Sea-1

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At embarkation. Wonder if they will take photos of at disembarkation. They better have a wide-angle lens to include us after the full 30 day cruise.

Rotterdam is a relatively small ship. At 60,000 gross tons, it carries @1400 passengers, which is two-thirds the size of the newest Holland America ship, the Koningsdam, which is 99,000 gross tons and carries 2650 guests. Some of our passengers will be disembarking in Barcelona after 14 days, while others will join us in Barcelona for the next 16 days ending in Rotterdam. We are surprised at the number of passengers on board for the full 30 days. It promises to be a superb shared experience.

We found the way to our cabin, 3391, located on the lower promenade deck near the aft elevators and stairwell. As expected, we have a view across, and quick access to, the promenade which encircles the ship. It will make checking the weather easy and allow the outdoors to be just three doors away. Perfect! Storage is not an issue, we have plenty of closets and drawers, but we need more floor space if we’re going to live here for a month!



One simple solution is to opt for the twin bed arrangement.


Moving around will be much easier after we unpack and store the luggage under the beds.

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The refrigerator we ordered is using up leg space under the desk, but who wants to drink warm chardonnay???

Which brings us to a great problem-solving solution. Delivered to our cabin before sailing, this beverage card solved the biggest issue facing one of us in the month ahead:

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