Cartegena, Spain April 12, 2017

Today is a very short port day in Cartegena, Spain, with arrival at 7A and departure at 1:30P. It is a walkable city, but out of four shared legs, none were functional. We had total muscular failure, having spent over 8 hours walking Tuesday in Malaga. Guess the tapas tour to 3 restaurante was our limit for any 24 hour period.

Today, out of our @1150 passengers onboard, about a third never left the ship. We had lunch outdoors by the pool, visited with friends leaving the cruise tomorrow in Barcelona, and caught up on overdue laundry. A very much needed relaxing day. Onboard friends Sam and Barbara from Atlanta will be visiting Hilton Head first week in May, just after we arrive back home on April 30. We already have plans to meet this delightful couple for a dinner during that week, just to continue the laughs we shared onboard. We spent time also with Ron and Marie from Holland, MI., sharing some vino and a couple of dinners onboard. Unfortunately, they too, will be leaving the cruise in Barcelona. We will miss all the new friends we met onboard and hope our paths cross again soon.

Lunch by the pool was relaxing. It was 72 degrees, the retractable top was open, and tacos were served on deck. Does it get any better??

100 4427

100 4426

100 4429

Obviously, the tacos were dismissed, and their place was taken by a kiwi tart, with custard and a strawberry with whipped cream. Can’t find that at home!

100 4423


100 4431

Saying goodbye to Cartegena was easy. We never saw enough of it to make leaving difficult.

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