Barcelona, April 13, 2017

Arrival in Barcelona completes the first 14 days of our month-long voyage, and is the end of the cruise for some and the beginning of a 16 day cruise through Western Europe for ourselves and others. This morning we bid farewell to those who shared this especially calm and warm crossing.

Having visited Barcelona previously at the end of our 10 day Mediterranean voyage with Katherine and Jim, our friends from Tallahassee, FL, our only goal this trip was to see the INSIDE of Gaudi’s Familia Sagrada, the amazing masterpiece of this architectural genius. The exterior photos will have to suffice for now, as our camera has decided to have a malfunction of the battery door, and tape will be required to allow further use. Inside photos were taken on my cellphone, but I lack the connection to download them to my laptop for publication. Suffice it to say, for now, that the inside is worth the wait.

100 4441


100 4437

100 4442

This is an enlargement of the sculpture on one side of the Nativity Facade. Note the birds in the sculpture framing the scene.

Inside, the windows are beautiful:

20170413 043218

One of the side wall windows extols morning colors:

20170413 050415-001

The opposite wall evening colors:

20170413 051017-001

The altar is dramatic, in typical Gaudi style.

20170413 043457-001

The surrounding pillars blossom into trees above.

20170413 043426

The view to the rear is almost as dramatic.

20170413 043232-001

Note how the pillars morph into trees, and high above, the discs on the two pillars shown are medallions of 2 of the 4 gospels. The other 2 are nearer the front altar.

20170413 045856-001

Even the floor is unique.

20170413 043148

Above the Nativity Facade entrance outside is a sculpted nativity scene, detailed here:

20170413 045702-001


20170413 045640

The entire scene so wonderfully detailed it could be studied for hours.

20170413 045632-001

20170413 045703-001

Construction began in 1883, with Gaudi exclusively devoting his time beginning in 1911. In 1926 he was hit by a tram and killed. Construction continues today with completion scheduled in perhaps another 10 years.

20170413 042447-001