At Sea April 19, 2017

Our day at sea proved to be a needed respite from the exhausting multiple days of touring. Captain Carsjens gave his usual update at noon and it proved to be quite interesting. Our next port tomorrow, Thursday, April 20, was to be Gibraltar. He advised us, however, that the winds there are expected to be 40 to 50 knots, which would make docking difficult and make staying docked with a gangway to the pier even more difficult. He has decided, for safety reasons, to change our port tomorrow to Malaga, Spain.

Those of us who boarded in Fort Lauderdale have already visited that port, but those who boarded in Barcelona have not. It will be a safer port for exitiing the ship. I surmise that he has more information, but is keeping it close to his vest as of now. Suffice it to say, our calm seas may be about to change.

Meanwhile, the menagerie of animals continue to inhabit our cabin and a new one appears every night.100 4484

100 4679

100 4769

Another advantage of today’s sea day: Mah Jongg in the King’s Room!

One thought on “At Sea April 19, 2017”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your descriptions of your various ports of call. I feel like I’m right there with you. ThAnks too, for the beautiful pictures that accompany your passages. Your van trip in Italy was harrowing and I’m sure you could identify with the driver having a van load of passengers and trying to attempt to back down the road. Hello to my ” ‘ster” and I hope this last week is also filled with beautiful weather and memories!

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