Huelva, Spain April 21, 2017

Huelva, Spain, is also a port for travel to Seville, especially for those not on the first 14 day transatlantic portion of our back-to-back 30-day cruise. As much as we loved Seville, our next port of call will be Lisbon, Portugal, for 2 full days, during which we have planned private tours for both days. We expect a busy weekend ahead. The city of Huelva is some 9 miles from the port and didn’t offer a different experience than the Spanish ports we had already visited. With the temperature at 77 and sunny skies, we opted for a day by the pool and lunch at the Dive-In, which serves burgers or tacos poolside. We’ll save the pizza served by the aft pool for another day.

100 4428

After an on board day preparing for the weekend, we experienced a clout of reality when departing the dock. Our dining room seating is a table for 2, next to the window, facing aft and enjoying fabulous views as we depart our port, or just enjoying watching the wake of the ship. We had dropped our lines, and had moved perhaps 20 feet from the dock, when we suddenly engaged our side thrusters and returned to cast the lines and tie up again.

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The captain soon announced that we had a medical emergency on board and would await medical transportation for the passenger who would be disembarking and seeking medical care. After a few police cars and three ambulances, our last view, as we cast off a half-hour later, was of an ambulance, a lone accompanying passenger, and a pile of 4 suitcases remaining on the shore as we again dropped our lines and headed out to sea. Someone’s vacation took an unexpected turn and their future plans would be terribly different than what had been anticipated.