At Sea April 25, 2017

Reality has begun to set in as we head north today from Vigo to our next port in Portland, U.K. We are crossing Biscay Bay, known for relatively rough seas and gale winds. Fortunately, the seas are moderate and the winds minimal, but the temperature has begun to drop – like a ROCK! Our high today will be 50, and a walk around the promenade deck requires a sweatshirt for warmth AND a rain jacket to cut the wind. The roof over the Lido deck pool has been closed overnight, so it remains warm around the pool area, but swimming is out of the question as the pool water is sloshing fore to aft as we ride the 8 to 10 foot waves heading north. Our moderate temperatures are history until we get back to South Carolina. It was GREAT while it lasted.

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Fortunately, the King’s Room on deck 5 is set aside for the Mah Jongg players, so the day will not be a total loss.

As for me, I have a second chance to see the movie “Hidden Figures”, the story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the US space program, and before computers. I missed it first time around and have heard nothing but positive comments about this true, but comparatively unknown story. Turns out to be one of the best films I have seen in many moons. I highly recommend spending the couple of hours to understand this amazing history lesson. It was all new to me.

Sometime overnight we expect to enter the English Channel and the wind and moderate seas should subside even more. Temperature in Portland tomorrow is expected to be 48, however. Not very hospitable of the U.K., and neither is the requirement that all passengers show up tomorrow AM in the Showroom at Sea with their passports. That should delay any plans for leaving the ship early tomorrow. Checking passports for 1250 passengers may take a bit of doing.

Meanwhile, our cabin mate for tonight is a bit less scary.

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