Le Havre, France April 27,2017

Captain Carsjens announced last evening that we would be required to shorten our stay in Le Havre as the French dock workers have another beef and will be going on strike at 10P tonight. We will be required to leave the port by 9:30P, which will shave 2 1/2 hours from our planned departure time of midnight. Our previous visit to Le Harve on the Grand Princess a few years ago had a similar problem. The dock workers went on strike shortly after our arrival, and the fires set in the port and gunfire, along with a commercial vessel blocking the entrance and exit, proved to be enough of a disruption that we never left the ship. This time we are determined to complete our planned excursion, despite again being used as pawns in their local dispute. The tours to Paris, however, a three hour bus ride each way, may be affected and will need to be shortened.

Our 2 vans arrived just as we left the ship and our group of 15 left for our first stop, which was to be Rouen, a bit over an hour away. Rouen is a medieval gem, the area around the cathedral still surrounded by wood-timbered houses dating to the 1400’s.

100 5076

100 5078

Rouen is, of course, the site of the trial and burning of Joan of Arc in 1431. The exact site is memorialized with a church and plaque, and the commercialization abounds.

100 5107

100 5108

100 5079

The cathedral, inside and out, is magnificent, the exterior being especially ornate with statuary, stained-glass windows and relief carved scenes.

100 5041

100 5043

One exterior relief shows the beheading of John the Baptist (lower, far right).

100 5054


Monet painted this cathedral many times, using his impressionist style to show the facade at various times of day, illustrating shadows and light. The window from which he painted can be viewed just across the street.

100 5051

The interior of the cathedral contains many statues found under the cathedral during excavation. Some are in surprisingly good condition,

100 5065

The rattan chairs and kneelers are unique.100 5070

The interior is large, but relatively sterile.

100 5056

100 5061

There is a memorial to Roland, a military leader during the reign of Charlemagne, who was killed in battle in 778, and later immortalized in medieval and Renaissance literature.

100 5067

A 45 minute drive brought us to Honfleur, with a picturesque harbor and interesting architecture. The day was sunny, cool and dry, somewhat better than we had anticipated.

100 5082

100 5083

100 5085

Lunch at a cafe overlooking the harbor was a ham and cheese omelet with french fries. Odd combination, but very tasty.

100 5089

Flowers were everywhere and the colors were superb. Spring anywhere is usually quite colorful. Honfleur is no exception.

100 5091

Returning to the Rotterdam, we dined in the Lido, rather than the La Fontaine dining room. Casual was a good choice after another full and tiring day.